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Mauritius, the 7th Most Beautiful Island in the World.

TripAdvisor has revealed the ten most beautiful island in the world at the Traveler’s Choice 2016 Award ceremony. Mauritius proudly finds itself on the list and was awarded the 7th place before Phuket, Thailand. The first place was given to the beautiful island of Mauritius followed by Santorini. The results were based on the reviews published on the TripAdvisor’s website on a period of 12 months. Another element that contributed to the ranking was the interest showed by travellers for their destinations.

It is such an honor having Mauritius being placed on this international list. Our beautiful island is known for its gorgeous turquoise blue sea with silky sand beaches, beautiful mountains, waterfalls, rainforests, and even the wildlife. With a a great weather most of the time, our island is also known as a paradise island.

A very special attribute of the island is the diversity of cultures living together. Mauritius, among only ten other countries, was featured as one of the safest place on the planet on the 2016 Global Peace Index. The Institute of Economics and Peace had reported that the island could be considered as a nation that is truly at peace.

Mauritius, a safe golf destination. 

Mauritius is also the leading golf destination in the Indian Ocean. It has to date nine 18 hole golf courses which are at international and championship level. In 2016 we had the honor of having the Heritage Golf Club which was awarded the Best Golf Course of the Indian Ocean at World Golf Awards. The Avalon Golf Estate was nominated as Best New Golf Course 2016. Golfers will definitely not be disappointed when choosing Mauritius as their next golf destination.

Despite being small in size, Mauritius has all it takes to stand out as a holiday destination. The island will undoubtedly exceed all expectations!

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