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Gymkhana Golf Course
The Gymkhana Golf CourseVacoas - Mauritius

Did you know that the Gymkhana Golf Course was the fourth oldest golf club on the record?

The beginning of golf worldwide goes way back in history. Golf is known to have started in Scotland in 1778 and England in around 20 years late.

The Officers of the British Military extended the golf to Mauritius in 1844. The golf course is today known as the Mauritius Gymkhana Club.

The Mauritius Gymkhana Golf Course is situated in a very strategic place. It is located in the town of Vacoas and approximately 25 minutes from our capital, Port Louis.

This national golf monument is a 68 par that does not fail to challenge the golfers. It is a short course which makes the fairway narrow, it therefore requires precision, consistency and techniques. The Mauritius Gymkhana Club remains challenging but yet enjoyable.

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