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Golf pass Launching
MGTA & MTPA TeamGolf Pass Launching Day

The Golf Pass Mauritius is Now Available

The Golf Pass Mauritius 2017 was officially launched on Wednesday the 19th of April at a press conference which was held at the MTPA office (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority). It was inaugurated by both the Tourism Office and the MGTA (Mauritius Golf Tourism Association).

This initiative is powered by the MGTA and MTPA with plans to promote the service in golf convention and many golf events abroad. The aim is to enhance the recognition of Mauritius as a golf destination internationally. The Golfing Mauritius Pass competitive offer will make even more possible for all golfers to discover the world class golf courses in Mauritius.

The Golf Pass will be available during the low (May – September )and high season (October to April – Except November &December). The prices are different in low and high season but remains a serious deal to discover the amazing golf courses.

Different from the previous years, the golf pass booking is possible via the brand new MGTA user friendly website. The golf pass is booked on the website within minutes and furthermore, golfers can also get informations about the golf courses in Mauritius.

The MGTA and the MTPA are working together to promote the golf industry nationally as well as internationally. The Golf Pass is one of many operations taken towards meeting this goal.

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