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Interview | Phil Minkley

MGT: We are here top of the world, with young Phil Minkley. Phil, you’ve qualified to play in this prestigious event. What does it mean to you?

Phil Minkley: It means a lot. Uh, actually thanks um MGT. Thanks to you to the golf club. Uh, AfrAsia Bank. Uh, thank you so much. I mean, it means everything to me, especially with the likes of Louis  and playing. Uh, I remember watching him win the open in 2010 in St. Andrews and now playing the same field means, means quite a lot yeah.

MGT: Of course your stomach must be full of butterflies. All flying in different directions.

Phil Minkley: It is, it is yeah.

MGT: How do you control it as a younger?

Phil Minkley: Uh, it’s difficult to, to control, but I think, just to stay in the moment and really enjoy it. Uh, I think if I, if I can stay in the moment and just breathe and keep going, concentrate shot for shot, everything will go well.

MGT: Well, what a privilege to represent Mauritius. We hope you stay in the moment and have a wonderful moment.

Phil Minkley:Thank …

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