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Peter Matkovich
Peter Matkovich

Interview | Peter Matkovich

MGT: Well, Pete, still one of your favorite places is on that driving range, I see you’re still hitting it straight down the middle. But most importantly, all these guys are coming to enjoy a golf course that you created quite a long time ago. How does that feel?

Peter: It’s wonderful to have these people at Heritage. You know, Mauritius is an, is the island that I think’s got the biggest future in golf tourism. And it’s just wonderful to have them here, and to experience Mauritius, it’s incredible.

MGT: Absolutely, and then the exciting news is your collaboration design with Louis Oosthuizen. That must be quite an interesting one for you.

Peter: We are really excited. I took him up on site two days ago, and he was blown away by the site. Had some nice ideas, and I think together we’re going to do a job that they’ll be really proud of.

MGT: Well Peter, wish you all the best and congratulations on putting something so special together. Have a good afternoon.

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