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Marcel Schneider
Marcel Schneider

Interview | Marcel Schneider

MGT:  Marcel, you’ve traveled all around the world. What is it like for you to finally get to Mauritius

Marcel: Well, it’s such a beautiful place. I really enjoyed it so far and I’m looking forward to start the tournament. It’s a great place.

MGT: Where are you staying and why did you choose that place to stay?

Marcel: Well, I choose Le Telfair Heritage uh, because friends of mine told me to stay there and it was a good tip I guess. It’s, it’s beautiful. It’s like paradise.

MGT: And then besides the golf course, I mean, there’s so many things to do today in Mauritius. Have you had an opportunity to explore the island?

Marcel: Um, we fly to Johannesburg on this Tuesday. We take the Monday off and find out what’s going on around, around here yeah.

MGT: And the golf course, have you had the chance to play it?

Marcel: No, not yet. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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