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Louis Oosthuizen
Golf Package in Mauritius

Interview | Louis Oosthuizen

MGT:  Well, Louis Big welcome to Mauritius and more than atonement you’re obviously designing a new golf course. Let’s start there. What’s that like?

Louis: Yeah, it’s going to be very exciting. Um, you know, designing with Peter Matkovich who designed this one, um, but of a different, uh, different side of- of golf. Um, you know, it’s- it’s easy always to- to say, “No, they should have done this,” but when you’re actually doing the design, there’s a lot of, thinking going around a hole. And yeah, I’m looking forward to it and- and going to learn a lot from Peter.

MGT: People love it that you are here. What are your expectations for the next couple of days here?

Louis:   Yeah, today and tomorrow is a bit, um, it’s a bit work for me. , I need to do some work to just get, uh, get the body and the feel right to- to play some golf again. Yeah, when it gets to October,, I sort of switches off mentally and, I sometimes play my best golf then. So, yeah, I need to just focus on the next two days, but, uh, yeah I just want to have fun this week. I want to enjoy myself.  I got the family and everyone out here. And, um, you know, if I can- if I can ever go to, sessions Tuesday, Wednesday on the range and- and on the putting green, um, I should be good to go on Thursday.

MGT:  And very importantly you mentioned fun and golf has grown quite phenomenally here in Mauritius. 1200 registered of golfers now. Any advice for some of the young, up-and-coming golfers in Mauritius in particular?

Louis: Keep on. You know, keep on working. Dream big. And, never give up.

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