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Haydn Porteous
Haydn Porteous

Interview | Haydn Porteous

MGT:   Well, Haydn, what an amazing season for you, the Czech Masters Champion. You’re here in Mauritius to have some fun, and, importantly, play some good golf.

Haydn: Yeah, it’s been a week that I’ve been looking forward to the whole year. You know, apart from the golf, the food, the hotels, the beaches, snorkeling is just unbelievable. I try and come here as often as I can. Obviously, if there’s a tournament, I’m here. And, obviously during the holiday and festive season, to come here is also awesome. So, the weather seems to be good and it’ll definitely be an awesome week.

MGT: Obviously, the wind tends to blow a little bit in the Mauritius, which is understandable. Does that influence the way you prepare for the game?

Haydn: Yeah. definitely you need to change your ball flight here and there. When, you do wake up in the morning and, it is a little bit windy, I think, it’s more to do with the warmup. To put a little bit more back in your stance, stay a bit more centered, and, I think that’s what makes golf so great, is that every day is a, a different day out here. And, I think we’ve played, as Pros, enough golf to understand the wind and change our flight to counteract it.

MGT:Well, we wish you all the best, and hope you finish a great season this year.

Haydn: Thank you very much, too.

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