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Douglas McGuigan
Douglas McGuigan

Interview | Douglas McGuigan

MGT: Well, Doug, you’ve really established yourself as one of the stalwarts of the Sunshine Tour. You’re now in a tri-sanctioned event, here in Mauritius. You’re always smiling, you looking forward to a good week?

Douglas: Of course, though, you know, uh, I haven’t-I haven’t played this event before, it’s my first one that I’ve played in, in Mauritius. So uh, to be as spectacular and uh, we got here early, ’cause we hard it was such a good spot, and uh, don’t regret one-one uh, minute being here, you know, all the time that I’ve spent here, it’s been-it’s awesome.

MGT:  I’ve got to ask you, if you got here earlier, what have you been up to other than golf?

Douglas: We went up North, to Grand Baie, Grand Baie up there, and had a few beers, watched the rugby. It’s just been a awesome, awesome weekend.

MGT: Fantastic. Well, we wish you all the best. You’ve had a great season, may it long continue.

Douglas: Thanks very much. Great to be here.

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