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Last Sunday, our paradise island of Mauritius celebrated 49 years of being independent. The Mauritius Golf Tours team would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Independence Day to all Mauritians around the world.

As we are celebrating our country’s independence, we are very honored to be launching a very special project featuring our island. It is our pleasure to inform all of you that Mauritius Golf Tours will soon be publishing its golf magazine for the year 2017. This 2017 issue will be entitled “Mauritius, The Emerging Golf Destination.” We could not think of a better time to share this exciting news to all passionate golfers from around the world.

The magazine has the aim to promote key actors who are helping to make Mauritius known as golf destination. It will feature all of our golf courses, golf resort and non golf resort, business opportunities overview, and so much more.  It intends to introduce, educate, inform, describe Mauritius with all its unique attributes.

Every subscriber of the Mauritius Golf Tours Newsletter will be offered a free e-copy of the magazine. Sign up and stay tuned as you do not want to miss it!

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