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Golf Breaks Mauritius, a Paradis Island

It is possible to play golf all over the world these days, even formerly tropical forested areas, or desert sands, have been transformed into lush green courses from Brazil to China via Dubai. At the same time, those with unlimited means might want to consider a series of golf holidays in order to play a round on some of the approximately 32 000 registered golf courses located in the 118 nations making up the International Gold Federation.

As attractive as this almost unlimited (in terms of the time needed) choice of golf courses and countries might appear, it is quite evident that many destinations would rule out most golfers; except the danger freaks or thrill seekers. After all, very few golf aficionados are likely to be tempted by the thought of a golf holiday in Iraq or Afghanistan, or even Northern Nigeria or Mali!

Which point brings us very nicely onto our very own destination… Are you aware that Mauritius is one of only ten countries in the world that features on the 2016 Global Peace Index as being a country that is completely free from internal and external conflict? Even places like Britain and France don’t make this list!

The think tank, The Institute for Economics and Peace, recently issued its 10th report in which Mauritius features as ‘a nation that can be considered as truly at peace’. Our country joins an extremely select elite group of nations like Botswana, Chile, Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland.

Golf Breaks Mauritius | Safe Destination

So… when you are planning your next golf holiday, think of Mauritius, the one of the safest destinations that can offer you a unique blend of very different golf courses set amidst lush tropical vegetation, sea, sun, and sand, combined with luxurious accommodation and a tailor-made itinerary and program, all taken care of for you by our team at Mauritius Golf Tours.

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