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The Amateur Golf World Cup 

Heritage Resorts

The island of Mauritius is once again making headlines in the golfing world by hosting the The Amateur Golf World Cup final at Heritage Golf Club from 11 th to 16 th June 2018. The Amateur Golf World Cup is the largest amateur golf competition in the world and is organised by LeClub Golf, a subsidiary of U-Golf, currently France’s biggest name in golf.

Golfers from 22 countries will attend the event, making it one of the most important amateur tournaments in the world. The players will all have qualified in their respective home countries in order to attend the final at the Heritage Golf Club. U-Golf is a major golf management company with over 700 employees and a turnover of €45 million. It has its own academy, where 3,500 new golfers are trained yearly and over 1,500,000 rounds of golf are played on their courses. The company owns and manages 50 golf courses in France, Spain, Brazil and Thailand. In addition, LeClub Golf is a network of golf courses and a loyalty program operating across 170 courses in France, Spain, and the rest of the world. LeClub Golf is also in partnership with Arnold Palmer Management and has access to their 48 golf courses in the USA.

Without doubt these two companies have all the resources needed to put together the largest amateur golf tournament in the world, and one of the biggest commercial golf events of the year.

Since the first tournament in 2016, significant progress has been made.

  • Year 2016: 10 Countries, 300 Golf Courses, 24,000 Players (New Caledonia, May 2016)
  • Year 2017: 16 Countries, 500 Golf Courses, 50,000 Players (Cadiz, Spain, November 2017)
  • Year 2018: 20 Countries, 600 Golf Courses, 60,000 Players (Mauritius, June 2018)

Interesting facts aside, the event is a great opportunity for amateur golfers to represent their country and compete in an international golfing event. The event is organised in such a way as to make it an enjoyable experience that brings players from many different nations together.

Country Team Competition

  • 1 team per country
  • 2 players per team
  • Open to amateur players of different abilities
  • Team of 2 must consist of:
  • 1 player with handicap lower than 15 (good)
  • 1 player with handicap equal to or higher than 15 (average)

Qualifying Challenge in each Country

  • Approximately 700 golf courses involved
  • Approximately 70,000 players competing
  • 7-day International Final
  • 1-day practice, 3 rounds of competition
  • 1 welcome dinner, 1 gala dinner

Thanks to Heritage Resorts and its two golf resorts; Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali, Mauritius is able to accommodate the participants for this final round. Mauritius Golf Tours will be bringing you the results of the 2018 Champion Team of The Amateur World Cup 2018, so be sure to stay tuned!

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